Leisure Management and Tourism Entertainment


This course aims to prepare staff for the planning, management and implementation of tourism entertainment projects, as well as management of leisure venues and facilities (tourism, culture, recreation and sports).

Career Propects
Tourism entertainment management at hotels, small and medium-sized nature and adventure tourism, theme parks and theatres, cultural centres and at events and shows companies. 

Numerus Clausus
40 (day course) + 40 (evening course)


Criteria for Admission
1) Through the National Admission Office to Higher Education, applicants with the 12th grade are subjected to admission exams in one of the subjects determined by the Scientific and Technical Council of the Estoril Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotel Studies:


- (09) Geography or (12) History of Culture and the Arts or (17) Mathematics

(Academic Year 2014/2015 | Average of the last candidate placed in the course in the first phase of admission | Day Course – 124,8 out of 200 | Evening Course – 108,2 out of 200)


Admission Mark: 60% average mark of secondary education + 40% admission exam mark


2) Under the Special Admission system, there are specific rules for professional athletes, students from Portuguese-speaking African countries, and military officials.


3) Under the Special Admission system, there are specific rules for candidates who have either completed other higher education degrees or come from foreign higher education institutions.


4) Under the specific admission process for candidates over 23 years old, defined by each higher education institution.