Cultured meat, which is also referred to as "clean meat," is a groundbreaking technology that is poised to revolutionise the global food system. Cultured meat is produced by obtaining a small portion of cells from the animal and proliferating them in culture to generate enough numbers to reach the cellular composition necessary to produce a real meat product. It feeds from the perfect combination between science and molecular gastronomy. This process is more efficient and environment-friendly and represents a major step forward in avoiding the slaughtering of massive numbers of animals grown in less than ideal conditions. Several proof-of-concept products have been presented over the past few years and we are finally reaching the stage of commercialisation. A San Francisco (USA) food company called JUST is leading this movement and plans on the first commercial release of cultured meat products until the end of 2018. In my talk, I will present some of the challenges associated with this product, timelines, and the exciting prospects that will revolutionise the food system.


Vítor Espírito Santo (Diretor do Cellular Agriculture - Just, Inc.)


(Ricardo Bonacho)