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In Portugal it is already a longstanding desire to establish a museum dedicated to tourism. Formally first appeared in an article published in the Journal of Tourism (1982), the idea of ​​creating a museum of Tourism or at least a small museum that should welcome the elements of existing publications and tourism.


In 2011 the Estoril Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotel Studies (ESHTE) designed a pioneering project in Portugal and the world, which consists in the creation of the Virtual Museum of Tourism aiming the musealisation of tourism.

In this initial phase of the public presentation of MUVITUR we intend to do a demonstration of what MUVITUR can integrate and offer. The catalogue of the Virtual Museum of Tourism is the result of an aggregator system of digital and digitised contents made available by the network of the Portuguese and foreign entities involved. There is also the presentation of a set of experiences that aim at making an approach to the new contents that a project of this nature allows to produce.


The website of the Virtual Museum of Tourism will be presented on June 2nd 2016. Easy to use, presents a modern and appealing design and offers two essential components: a searchable database with a sample of thousands of digital objects, advanced search engines as well as visits and virtual exhibitions.


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