Coimbra 2020: ESHTE at SNATTI’S Quality Exams

Quality Exams on future associates conducted by the National Union of Tourist Guides, Translators and Interpreters (SNATTI) are taking place until early February, having Coimbra (Central Portugal) as host city in the current year of 2020.

After the Union’s invitation, on the 22nd January ESHTE was represented at the Exams by the Tourism Information’s (TI) course director, thus strengthening institutional bonds.

ESHTE would like to thank SNATTI’s invitation, whose managing board was there represented by Paulo Oliveira Cosme and Maria João Moreira, as well as Ana Lúcia Mendes and Alexandra Sousa Dias (the latter being Tourist Guides trained at Estoril).

It was also a pleasure to get acquainted with other Tourism professionals, namely Sandra Simões (representing Portugal’s Tourist Authority/Turismo de Portugal), Pedro Dinis Rebelo (Tourist Guide) and Pedro Ferro (representing the Machado de Castro National Museum).

Tourist Cheers.


(Cristina Carvalho - TI’s Director)