The ephemeris linked to one of ESHTE’s founding courses (Portugal’s 1st higher education school in Portugal inaugurated in 1991) was celebrated.


The event was celebrated on the 19th February within the scope of the Seminars II curricular unit, which coordinated by professors Jorge Ferraz and Maria Mota Almeida. Entitled National Tourist Guides, From Higher Education to the Labour Marker: Expectations, Challenges & The Personal Brand the celebration counted on Professor Miguel Brito as chair. His Curriculum includes degrees and professional experience as National Tourist Guide and Promoter.


We thank the remarkable speakers (Tourist Guides & Couriers) that promptly accepted our invitation to share their experience with the Tourism Information students, again proving this polytechnic institution’s connection to the labour market. Our warmest greetings go to: Ana Lúcia Mendes, Ana Rita Ferreira, Ana Rita Lima, Ângelo Grilo, Cristina Leal, Jorge Oliveira, Madalena Neves, Maria João Neto and Norberto Mestre.


We also thank the 3rd year students that volunteered to join the organising committee, as well as Montiqueijo, the event’s generous sponsor.



See you in 2020!



Cristina Carvalho (Director of the Tourism Information graduate degree)