ESHTE participates at “Fish with Science” – Ciência Viva, “Peixe em Lisboa” Gastronomic Festival

Professor Manuela Guerra, Chef Nelson Félix and 3rd year students of the PAR program, David Bund, Francisco Piló, Francisco Silva and Nuno Severino were invited to participate at the workshop “Science Coffee” promoted by Ciência Viva which took place on the 9th April, at the  “Peixe em Lisboa” Gastronomic Festival in Lisbon (Carlos Lopes Pavilion). The topic under discussion was "Fish with Science”, specifically, the public perception of aquaculture, the use of algae in food and aquaculture in general. The event was attended by industry professionals, teachers, researchers, chefs and the public. ESHTE contributed with knowledge and experience in the field. Our students strongly participated, which has greatly enriched the debate on a topic that is increasingly important in the context of the growing pressure on wild stocks caused by overfishing and changes in the ocean environment, including climate changes. 


(Manuela Guerra)