ESHTE’s Professors at AGIC’s Jury

As it happened in previous years, ESHTE’s professors were invited to integrate AGIC’s jury for the selection of new associates. AGIC is a Portuguese association of Tourist Guides and Tour Managers that between the 3rd and 11th February summoned an evaluation jury to test candidates. ESHTE’s professors were Carla Braga, Cristina Carvalho, Isilda Leitão, Miguel Brito and Vítor Ambrósio.


Since the tourist sector witnessed its liberalisation in the early 2010s, both AGIC and SNATTI (the union that also defends the tourism professionals’ interests) decided to strive for the maintenance of the quality of the tourist service offered by means of different types of assessment conducted on their future associates.


ESHTE thanks AGIC’s president (Cristina Leal) for the kind invitation that again proves this higher polytechnic school’s link to the Tourism Information professional reality, since both institutions share a common goal: the maintenance of the tourist service’s excellence, a task only accomplished by certified professionals holding suitable competences.


(Cristina Carvalho)

Director of the Tourism Information graduate degree