Extension od the deadline of the 1st round of applications to the Masters in Food Design until 16 of november and alteration of the course | Blended format

Due to the situation we are currently experiencing and the uncertainty of the pandemic reality COVID-19 worldwide, especially for foreign students who would like to travel to Portugal but are unable at this time, the presidency of ESHTE along with the executive and scientific coordination of the Master in Food Design restructured the course's format, so that students can attend this cycle of studies safely without limiting the access to every offered teaching activity (workshops; seminars; conferences; visits). 

Thus, this 1st Edition of the Masters in Food Design will be taught in a blended format (online and in person). The 1stsemester that will take place from January to April 2021 will be taught online with all guests and teachers of the masters degree, and the 2nd semester from May to July 2021 will be taught in a blended format (online and in person). The exam and evaluation period will also be adapted in case the same situation remains at the time. Any changes will be previously communicated to students, always taking into account the information on the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The extension of the 1st round application deadline also allows students previously interested in attending the course online to take advantage of the discount offered on this round application. Similarly, the applications for Advanced Training in Design for Food are open with these same benefits and deadlines as the Masters, so that students can apply for this course that runs in parallel with the Master in Food Design. 

For more information on applications, access to the platform and other situations, you can contact the course coordinators via e-mail: Ricardo Bonacho (ricardo.bonacho@eshte.pt); Nelson Félix (nelson.felix@eshte.pt) or Maria José Pires (maria.pires@eshte.pt

For additional information, you can always access the information on the ESHTE page> Courses> Masters> Food Design or at www.eshtefooddesign.com 


(Ricardo Bonacho)