International Tourist Guide Day Celebrated at ESHTE


ESHTE celebrated the ephemeris, thus highlighting one of the pioneering courses linked to the institution’s creation (1991) as Portugal’s 1st higher institute for Tourism.

The Technologies on behalf of Tourism Information seminar was accomplished in collaboration with the 3rd year Tourism Information students (finalists). A promotional video on this graduate degree and a special edition of a Newsletter were launched, with the event ending with the performance of the play Saint Anthony of Lisbon (No, da Padova!).

We also thank our guest speakers Andreia Nunes (National Tourist Guide), Alexandra Henriques (TQ – Travel Quality’s Marketing Director) and Maria Cordeiro (Cascais Convention Bureau Digital Marketing Manager). They contributed for the reinforcement of the bonds between this polytechnic institute and the labour market, by bringing a greater awareness to the practical features of the contemporary topic of analysis.