In the morning of Saturday the 15th February, the annual walking tour across Lisbon of English II was fulfilled with the 1st year students of the Tourism Information (TI) degree. It encompassed several pedagogical components, considering the students’ linguistic, (inter)cultural, geographic, heritage, interpretative, technical and scientific education.


With another extra-curricular visit included in the degree’s plan, students are being granted greater awareness of what later will be expected of them, not only in the forthcoming summer period (during the 1st curricular Internship), but also later as professionals able to face the challenges of any area within the tourist activity, to which the IT degree prepares them for.


This Journey through Lisbon’s Space and Time, through Identity and Heritage, led the group from the Phoenician days of Alis Ubo up to the contemporary city. It started by the Tagus River’s bank only to end under the shade of the jacaranda trees in Largo do Carmo.


Along the way, students were invited to observe and reflect on issues such as civility, urban mobility, liberalisation and its effects on the quality offered to the customers of tourist services, and the challenges of contemporary tourism in Portugal and Europe.


The visit was conducted by Professor Cristina Carvalho, one of the several members of ESHTE’s staff that holds a graduate degree and a certification as National Tourist Guide.


(Cristina Carvalho)