Lecturers from ESHTE at the Event “Dialogues about Teaching Generation Y”

Various lecturers from ESHTE have participated at the event “Dialogues about Teaching Generation Y”, organised by the University of Aveiro, which took place in Aveiro, on 21st February. This event was one of the outputs of the Erasmus+ project ‘Future-proof your classroom – teaching skills 2030’ (www.teaching2030.eu) and consisted in talks about the intelligent use of digital technologies in higher education, innovative pedagogies and different habits, concerns, behaviours and lifestyles associated to generation Y, as well as workshops and focus groups on skills teachers need to develop for the future of teaching-learning processes.


Ana Gonçalves, Anna Lins, Cláudia Viegas, Jorge Umbelino, Maria de Lurdes Calisto, Susana Gonçalves, Victor Afonso