MIACC & Project ReSEED at BNP


On the 18th of November, the work carried out within the scope of the collaboration between the ReSEED Project - Rescuing seed's heritage (University of Coimbra / European Research Council, reseed.uc.pt) and the Masters in Innovation in Arts and Culinary Sciences (MIACC) was made public in an event that took place at the Portuguese National Library (BNP).


The discussion, showcase and tasting of some of the results came from the challenge presented to the MSc regarding reinterpretations of the words and flavors of the 18th century (from a still little-known manuscript written in the first decades of that century) through culinary methods and techniques that did not neglect the current demands for healthy, tasty and sustainable food. The event featured presentations by Dulce Freire, coordinator of the ReSEED Project, Ricardo Bonacho, of MIACC's coordinating committee, and Nuno Severino, one of the master students who accepted the challenge of cooking some of the recipes developed by MIACC students in 2019 / 2020.


In view of the contingencies of the moment in which we live, this event had a very limited number of registrations. However, it can be followed in more detail on the ReSEED and BNP Project page, as well as on their social networks, where soon more information will be available regarding the filming report and the publication of the works carried out by MIACC.



(Maria José Pires)