New Msc in Food Design at Estoril Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotel Studies


The Estoril Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotel Studies launches the 1st edition of the MsC in Food Design – starting in January 2021 –, a completely innovative and differentiating study cycle in the areas of Design and Food in Portugal. Along with the worldwide evolution in academic research on food studies, ESHTE presents the MsC in Food Design, one of the few masters that worldwide addresses the intersection of Design methodologies and tools with food issues, from of this new discipline that is called Food Design. In addition to having the collaboration of several national guests linked to the food industry (Gastronomy; Culinary Arts and Food Studies) and international – specialists – in the areas of Food Design and Food Studies, the master presents a program based on different areas of knowledge that contribute to the student’s professional and academic enrichment. 

At a time when the paradigms of public health security with the COVID-19 pandemic are being questioned, and the emergence of a deep economic crisis affecting all sector, it is increasingly relevant, especially with food, that future professionals in the food industry are creative and have the capacity to reinvent the current food system.

The way the study cycle is structured allows students to understand the current food system. The combination of food and design creates a food designer capable of: managing complex processes, methods and workspaces that require innovative solutions, where products are processed, distributed and consumed; manage food production from an aesthetic, communicational and representation point of view; create and develop creative and innovative methodologies to manage equipment and tools used to prepare and consume food and manage communication and promotion of inter / multidisciplinary products, services and food experiences. 


(Ricardo Boncaho)