Project developed at ESHTE is a finalist at the Hospitality Education Awards (Category - Best Educational Project)


The Event Development Learning Model: Transdisciplinarity and Practice in Tourism Education is a finalist for Best Educational Project at the Hospitality Education Awards. This project was developed by 5 lecturers from ESHTE (Ana Gonçalves, Carlos Cardoso Ferreira, Elsa Correia Gavinho, Susana Filipa Gonçalves and Victor Alves Afonso), in the scope of 5 curricular units (Tourism Entertainment and Local Development, Cultural Management and Planning, Marketing, Events' Management - 1st semester and Planning and Management in Tourism Entertainment - 2nd semester) in the 3rd year of Leisure Management and Tourism Entertainment. This project consists in the development, planning, implementation and evaluation of cultural events that promote local development undertaken by students, according to a teaching/learning perspective based on problem solving in contexts similar to the ones students will find in their future professional lives.

The award ceremony will take place on 3rd July, at Academia de Formadores -