Seminar of Events, Tourism and Cultural Experiences

The seminar on Events, Tourism and Cultural Experiences took place last April 6th in ESHTE. This seminar involved the students of the three branches of the Master in Tourism and the curricular units of Specialization Seminar in Active Tourism and Experiences, Seminars of Specialization in Tourist Products and Seminars of Specialization in Tourist Events.

With open participation to the ESHTE community, event brought contact with the trade, enriched with reports of experiences in tourism, associated with the cultural component.

We had four excellence speakers who approached this theme from different perspectives and with different experiences, namely Marta Cabral (Assoc. Rota Vicentina -, Isabel Candeias (Live Experience - https: // liveexperiences. pt), João Fiandeiro (Paths of History - and Jorge Rodrigues Silva (Bons Sons -

The guest speakers, whom we thank for the availability, have brought new insights on the subject and it was an excellent opportunity for our students to perceive tourism and culture from different angles.



(Elsa Correia Gavinho & Paulo Figueiredo)