In the morning of the 13th November a seminar was organised under the scope of the of the Tourism Businesses II subject. Entitled The Evolution of the Travel Agencies’ Business Model, Vitor Filipe, President of the TQ Travel Quality Group was the invited speaker.

A renowned member within the tourist activity, Vítor Filipe’s vast experience is connected to the entrepreneuship and management in the travel agencies’ field. Among other leadership examples One must detach the Presidency of the Associação Portuguesa de Agências de Viagem e Turismo (APAVT) between 2002 and 2006. The speaker’s business experience was thus transmitted to the 3rd year students of the Tourism Information degree, considering especially the interest of the National Tourism Promoters.

The event was inserted in a session of the subject taught by Alexandra Henriques, TQ’s Marketing Director and Europe’s regional leader of the International Travel Partnership group in Portugal (ITP), thus enhancing the contents taught at the Tourism Businesses II curricular unit.


(Cristina Carvalho)