TOURISM INFORMATION: Celebrating 27 years through a Walking Tour in Lisbon

When ESHTE’s courses were adapted to the Bologna Declaration guidelines, the subject of English II in Tourism Information (TI) started focusing on Lisbon’s study by organising an extra-curricular field trip between Baixa-Chiado right at the semester’s beginning.

Pioneering and cosmopolitan, TI’s Curriculum would later be greatly adapted to the educational recommendations stated in the European Standard EN 15565 approved on the 7th February 2008 (and still at use), with TI’s high employability rates proving the commitment of both faculty staff and students in the quest for success.

 Bearing in mind the legal framework of Portaria N.º 88/92 (published on the 10th February), on the eve of celebrating its 27 years of excelling in educating Tourist Guides, last Saturday another walking tour in English was conducted (on the 9th February).

Educated at ESHTE and having worked in the Tourism Information area, for years Cristina Carvalho has been resorting to this field trip as a means to display the linguistic, cultural, interpretative and social competences ESHTE teaches its TI graduates, currently educating both Guides and National Tourist Promoters.


Cristina Carvalho

Director of the Tourism Information graduate degree