Tourism Information: Extra-Curricular Visit to LNEG's Geological Museum


On the 24th and 25th October a visit to LNEG’s Geological Museum was conducted to the 1st year of the Tourism Information course (classes A and B), under the scope of the World Geography and Geology subject.

Created in 1857 by the Realm’s Geological Commission, the Geological Museum firmed its ground as a museological venue linked to the Portuguese geology, thanks to the pioneering efforts and research studies conducted by the geologists Carlos Ribeiro, Nery Delgado and Paul Choffat.

Based on the museum’s collection, the permanent exhibition cores named “The Portuguese Pre-history”, “Fossils from our Past” and “One hundred million years of Lisbon’s History” allow students a documented interpretation of the Earth system’s evolution and of the management of mineral resources, not only on the aforementioned subject’s contents, but also in others of the course’s curricular plan.


(António Gonçalves)