Following the previous years’ events, the 1st semester of 2018 witnessed the organisation of fairs for tourism professionals and general public, and for other informative goals.

In January, two promotion students assisted Serpa’s municipality and Eco Sapiens in promoting the charming Alentejan destination in the Madrid Travel Market (FITUR).

In February, ESHTE’s students were advised to visit Lisbon Travel Market (BTL) as a learning strategy to get acquainted with promotional areas, tourist products and recent offer (from North to South, and to the archipelagos), considering international destinations as well.

In March, students from different courses assisted ESHTE to promote its educational offer to thousands of high school pupils who sought information in Futurália, in order to better decide its (medium/short-term) future in higher education.

The Tourism Information graduate degree course direction wishes to thank all students involved. Thank you very much.