World Edible Insect Day 2019

Professors and students of the Master in Innovation in Culinary Arts participated in the celebration of the World Edible Insect Day 2019, held on October 26 at the NOVA School of Business and Economics in Carcavelos.

Professor Manuela Guerra made her presentation on food innovation and the Master’s students of the 2019/2020 edition, under the guidance of Chef André Gerardo, also presented their products - cricket pastries, cricket chocolate crackers, cricket brigadeiros, spice puffs with cricket and yuzo jelly, energetic bars with cricket and tenebrio, layered cake with lime and mint filling and crunchy bugs - accompanied by Professors Maria José Pires and Ricardo Bonacho.

The purpose of the event was to promote the use of insects in human food, in an informed manner and in line with FAO guidelines. The focus of this edition, as in the previous one, was the relevance of incorporating insects as a protein source in human food, given its rich nutritional profile and low resource consumption in the production process.

The program can be found here:


(Ricardo Bonacho)