General Information

Living Costs
The cost of living is slightly lower than in the capital and affordable for full or part-time students.
There is a residence hall in the campus with a limited amount of rooms available. Besides, ESHTE provides an accommodation database where students can find places to rent or offers from other students trying to find roommates.
There is a canteen at the campus where all students can have lunch for about 4€. On level -2 of the main building there is a bar where students can have a meal for less than 5€, either lunch or dinner, or have a snack during the day.


Medical Services
There is a student Health Service, free of charge, located in Lisbon. Appointments should be made in advance at the Social Services department. This is essentially a preventive ambulatory observation service. There is also a public hospital which is five minutes away (by car) from ESHTE.


Facilities for Students with Special Needs
There is a lift inside the main building of the school. We are working on improving accessibility for students with special needs.


Students are entitled to a personal accident insurance, which covers all personal injury and civil liability.


Financial Support for Students
Scholarships are reserved for students who demonstrate financial needs. Study grants are allocated to students from economically deprived families that cannot afford the expenses related to higher education. Students should apply for a grant every year. There are many factors determining eligibility for financial support. For more information, please contact the Social Services department.


Academic Services
The Academic Services office is open to the public. They provide information on different aspects related to courses, admissions and enrollment procedures. Besides, there is also an electronic platform, which students can have access to through a secure web page (access username and password are given to each student when they enroll at ESHTE), and where they can find all information concerning their academic profile.


Learning Facilities
Several partnerships with local entities provide the sustainable development of the specific practical activities. For instance, there is a wide range of resources and local entities in the strategic areas of each course and a broad network of partners (over 500) that facilitate student internships and the development of joint activities and projects.


The available material resources for the practice of various activities enable the autonomous and sustainable performance of each course and learning is facilitated by the quality of training facilities, well-equipped classrooms (with computer and audiovisual equipment), a UNWTO depository library with online access to a wide range of information in different formats, a resources centre, among others.


International Programmes 
ESHTE has been fostering international partnerships with African and Eastern countries, and also with Brazil, besides bilateral agreements under the scope of the lifelong learning mobility exchange programmes (e.g. Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci) that encourage personal and scientific growth (for students, academic and non-academic staff).


Practical Information for International Students
In the context of mobility exchange programmes, ESHTE’s International Office aims at stimulating and expanding the school’s network of partnerships, so that mobility becomes more attractive to the academic community. The Erasmus programme, for instance, encourages mobility experiences and ensures the recognition of credits and skills. In addition, and under the scope of this programme, ESHTE has developed internal rules that establish the procedures for the recognition and crediting of competences for all mobility participants.


Language Courses
The CLiCESHTE, ESHTE’s Centre for Foreign Languages and Cultures provides foreign language courses and other language and cultural activities for ESHTE’s community and the wider public, namely specific language training for those working in the tourism, hospitality and catering areas.


The Professional and Business Support department supports students and internship hosting entities. A group of lecturers provides the scientific and academic support and, when required, supervises students’ performance in loco.

In addition, ESHTEmprego, created in August 2003 is a careers and employment services that aims at strengthening the link between students and alumni and the labour market. Its leading goal is to disseminate job and training offers, by newsletter, to all those who might be interested in this type of information. ESHTEmprego also organises a Careers Forum every year which hosts employers that visit ESHTE and present their businesses and current offers to the academic community.


Sports and Leisure Facilities
ESHTE is located near different beaches where students can practise various water sports or walk/jog along the seaside promenade that extends from Cascais to Oeiras. The school also has several agreements with gyms and sports facilities in the surroundings.


Students Union and Student Ombudsman    
AEESHTE is the school’s students union that promotes student integration and organises student social activities. AEESHTE’s President is a member of ESHTE’s Advisory Board and also of the Quality and Assessment Board.

The Student Ombudsperson works directly with AEESHTE and ESHTE’s governance and administration bodies and services. This body analyses students’ complaints and makes recommendations to other bodies and services to protect students’ interests and needs.